Project Management and Other Fun Stuff

With a new job and new job title come new hurdles. I shouldn’t say hurdles, but ways to expand my skillset. One field that I have always sort of struggled to understand is project management (PM). It’s how pretty much everything gets done. Your iOS and Android applications are made using processes of project management. These processes utilize people, resources, and time to create a product. Different methodologies apply to different scenarios,

It’s been very different working alongside several members of a team doing the same thing. Not only have I noticed that working as an approachable, competent, colleague is helpful. One of the most important factors in project success is knowing who fits where, and what each person is supposed to be doing.

The style that I am most accustomed to, ADDIE, can be very helpful with working on various projects with high level of change.

With the Agile methodology, team members have tasks and are able to work in phases. While that can be said for the ADDIE method, it is enhanced by Agile’s ability to produce deliverables for stakeholder review.