Am I Doing this Right? Part 1

One of the most common questions that I’ve gotten from instructors about instructional technology (Canvas LMS, lecture capture, office suites) is whether or not they are using it to its full potential. My usual reply is, “so you’re using it?” This reply has a lot behind it. For one, I ask that out of respect of all that the institution has to offer, and to get an idea of how the client is using the application. I also want to affirm the individual’s capability in their mind; “use” can mean many things.

For instance: the acronym LMS stands for “Learning Management System” and lots of law professors like for it to stand for Learner Management System; they want to manage and regulate their learners.

Many professors of law enjoy the theory of informatics and how it can assist them in developing an idea of how their students are comprehending the material. They also want to see how students engage the material, and how often they engage the material.

Less common with those in higher education is how to help students articulate the material in ether a summative or formative assessment. The LMS has many benefits, some being the ability to gather student understanding before a major assessment; this is to the benefit of the teacher and students.






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