New Blog Title!

When I originally had the idea for this weblog, I was hoping to “get my name out there” to prospective employers. Unintentionally, I started a place to test resources and beta test future projects. This has led me to significant professional growth, as well as my passion to meet the needs of teacher and other professionals. As a technology professional, it is imperative to me that I have sufficient skill to put something together.

Since getting my first job at IU I’ve done a host of new things. Most of the new things that I’ve been doing I’ve done using basic computer skills, and pedagogical knowledge. I do consider myself a “power user,” but at the same time I try to think I’m in a K12 setting still with limited resources.

I’ve opted to name this blog the “Firewire Blog.” I’ve always been a fan of Apple’s deprecated products, and their advanced capability‚Ķ.even after almost 10 years my MacBook is going strong. I’ve had 15 year old Apple routers still able to put out great signal through walls. The Apple FireWire connection was a great technology, that was left behind in favor of the flexibility of the USB port. Today, I still prefer FireWire due to it’s slightly faster speeds, and its ability to capture HD video with Adobe products.


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