Professional Reflection 1: Pregaming after the Friendly Match

So last semester I assisted in developing, co-teaching, and successfully deploying a hybrid college course. It boggles me that students actually received credit for instruction that I developed. Not that I’m “bad” at teaching, it’s just that not two years ago I was struggling to even write a lesson plan. After having three-quarters of my M.Ed. IT done, I’ve learned a lot about teaching and instructional design. Of course, lesson planning is still a bit of a work in progress, but my ability to integrate technology has been a valuable asset to me. Spring 2014 is when I actually teach the course as a capstone project; this time it will be done in a highly-structured format. Each week will be a module, and students will find inside each day’s materials. Whether the day in online or live, students will be able to find the materials they need for that day.

I think that I will continue the “rubric creation” lesson with the HP TC1100.